About ME

My name is Sunniva Storlykken Helland and I'm a graphic designer from Ålesund working in Bergen, Norway. My main interest are user oriented design directed towards service design and social design. I have been working in Bergen since my MA, where my last job has been for the west region of the correctional services in Norway. I worked on a wide range of graphic service design related projects, and got to practice user oriented strategy work within prisons and on a regional level. The job and the field work that comes with it triggered me to apply for a tree year research fellowship programme at Bergen Academy of Art and Design/University of Bergen about it where I got started October 1st 2016. The research project is about improving inmates work possibilities after prison and (hopefully) breaking down the circles of criminal relapse.

Approach and work experience

I am a strong believer in a great process followed by great execution. I have a holistic approach where details are considered as well as the whole, and I'm at my best when I get to work with users and map the possibilities and pitfalls to make a strategy to better the given case. I aim to work with social design / service design, but these are the things I have work experience with:

  • Strategy
    User-centered design with service design methods, marketing, content and social media
  • Visual identity
    Type, logos, colors, implementation, design manuals - that whole lot
  • Editorial design
    Layout in general: catalogues, magazines, books, folders etc
  • Information graphics
    Models, visualization and infographics
  • Workshops
    Organizing, facilitating, leading and documenting workshops
  • Coordinating
    Exhibitions, events, courses and admissions
  • Text
    Copywriting in Norwegian and English and translations between the two
  • Press
    Press releases, press packs and press kits, press contact and archiving
  • Marketing (not an expert I tell you, but I do have some experience)
    Marketing plans, marketing strategy, introductory sales and client contact
  • Office management
    Running the day to day business of an office - true story, I did that for almost three years